• "My experience with the laser procedure was a very good one! I am happy that I didn’t’ feel any pain It is so nice to be Dr. Diaz’s patient. Anytime I go for an appointment with Dr. Diaz I feel like I am going to visit family. The staff is great and the environment is so comfortable that it does not feel like you are in a dental office!"
    ~ Betty J. (Patient since 1999 Brooklyn, NY)
  • "I really enjoyed my laser procedure. The process was very quick, unevasive, noiseless, and considerable clean. I also like Dr. Diaz’s new office, particularly the green room. My family and I have known Dr. Diaz for quite some time and he has been a pleasure to have as a dentist."
    ~ Laura L. (Patient since 2004, Long Beach, NY)
  • "My experience with my laser procedure was amazing! It was painless, my recovery time was quick. This is the first time I have been without fear going to the dentist. The new office looks great and I love the staff!"
    ~ Lauren W. (Patient since 2008, Long Beach, NY)
  • "My experience with the laser procedure was amazing! It was painless and the procedure was so quick! Compared to traditional dentistry the laser procedure is 10,000 times better! I especially like the fact that I could speak and eat after the procedure was over. Normally when I go to the doctor I feel very nervous but this experience was such a positive one that I need to share it with my family and friends."
    ~ Astrid R. (patient since 2007, Long Beach, NY)
  • "My procedure with the laser was amazing and awesome! There was no pain at all and the procedure was a lot faster. My dentist is very cool because he has a laser. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!"
    ~ Braeden M. (10 years old)Patient since 2004 Long Beach,NY)
  • "My procedure with the laser was great! There was no pain and the procedure was very quick. I feel so much better going to the dentist now that I know I don’t have to be afraid of the drill. I have been talking about the laser procedure to my clients all day!"
    ~ Dr. Poker P.T Fit for Life
  • "The best procedure that I ever had. No pain. No Anesthesia. I would recommend laser dentistry to every I know. It is the best!"
    ~ Nelly D.

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